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Critters come to a salt lick  to get a vital nutrient they need for their survival.  Similarly, “The Salt Lick” blog  is a place where you can come for vital information on current research, events, opportunities for collaboration, and other news of interest related to livestock and the environment.

Balancing agricultural production with sustainable environmental management is likely to be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century. The Institute for Livestock and the Environment brings together Colorado State University faculty members from various disciplines with stakeholders and concerned citizens to find solutions to issues of economic growth in the livestock industry and our need for a sustainable environment and prosperous rural communities.

Do you have ideas for articles or photos  that fit the mission of the ILE and/or would be of interest to other stakeholders? Email us at  and put “for the Salt Lick” in the subject line or leave us a comment in the space below.

[Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed on this blog are only the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Colorado State University, the Institute for Livestock and the Environment, ILE affliated departments, ILE stakeholders, or any other official sounding entity.]

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