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Prize Winning Grad Student Posters from 2nd Annual Stakeholder Summit

November 24, 2009

Last Thursday, Colorado State University’s Institute for Livestock and the Environment held their second Stakeholder Summit, an annual event where Institute faculty meet and share information with stakeholders from  industry, government, and non-profit sectors.

In keeping with the theme of this year’s Summit, “working together to solve environmental problems”, over 20 posters were presented, highlighting interdisciplinary projects in the six areas the Institute focuses on: water quality and conservation, air quality and emissions, energy, pharmaceuticals, and pathogens.

This year, the Institute, in partnership with CSU’s Western Center for Integrated Resource Management, presented awards graduate students with the most outstanding poster presentations. Institute faculty judged posters based on several criteria:

  • Overall appearance (20 points)
  • Relevance to livestock and the environment (15 points)
  • Objectives clearly stated (15 points)
  • Methodology clearly stated (15 points)
  • Conclusions are reasonable (15 points)
  • Author is knowledgeable when questioned (20 points)

There were a total of 16 posters presented by graduate students at the 2009 Stakeholder Summit and the poster competition was very competitive.

First place was awarded to Juan Leon, a graduate student in CSU’s Department of Animal Science, for his poster about a biosensor used to quickly detect ecoli in environmental water.

Second place went to Heather Storteboom, a graduate student in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at CSU, for her poster on tracking the source of antibiotic-resistant genes in a mixed-landscape watershed.

Third place was awarded to Sam Evans, a graduate student in CSU’s Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, for his poster on the economic feasibility of using anerobic digesters in livestock operations in the Mountain West.

The 2009 ILE Stakeholder Summit Abstract Book published by the contains descriptions of all the posters presented at last week’s Summit.

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