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Green Energy Live Targets $154 Billion U.S. Livestock Industry for Sustainable Biomass-to-Energy Technology Development

November 16, 2009


Green Energy Live Inc. (OTCBB: GELV) is focused on developing sustainable biomass-to-energy conversion technology to meet a critical need for the nation’s $154 billion livestock industry. Green Energy Live is utilizing proprietary gasification technology for the development of highly innovative, on-site manure-to-electricity conversion systems to enable America’s 1.2 million livestock farmers and ranchers to convert their animal waste into clean, renewable energy.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports one of the biggest challenges facing livestock producers is managing manure and process water in a way that protects environmental quality and controls odor. In one day, a cow generates 120 pounds of manure. California’s dairies alone produce 70 billion pounds of manure each year. Finding ways to manage such a staggering amount of waste is challenging, especially considering the high costs of hauling and disposal and limited landfill space. If this waste is not properly managed, it can contaminate water supplies, threaten public health and contribute to climate change. (EPA Waste Management Division, August 2009).

According to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Census of Agriculture published February 2009, there are 2,204,792 farms and ranches and 1,152,903 livestock operations in the United States. The market value of livestock and poultry sold is $153,562,563,000.

Green Energy Live is engaged in the development of sustainable biomass-to- energy conversion solutions. The company is leveraging proprietary gasification technology for the development of self-contained, small footprint, renewable energy gasification systems to be rapidly and economically deployed at the waste site. Green Energy Live is focused on new biowaste conversion technologies that process methane gas from the manure of animals including cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens and convert it into electricity to supply the farm’s power requirements and generate revenue selling surplus power back to local utilities.

Karen Clark, President/CEO of Green Energy Live, commented:

“The tremendous amount of animal waste generated by the livestock industry must be carefully managed to avoid damage to watersheds and air quality. Manure hauling and disposal are huge bottom line costs to operators. We are working to enable America’s farmers and ranchers to utilize the manure generated by their operations as a feedstock for clean, renewable, domestic energy production. We have chosen to focus on the $154 billion U.S. livestock industry because we believe our technology will be able to help operators generate clean energy for farm use as well as sale back to the grid, reduce electricity and manure disposal costs, and protect the environment.”

To support its growing technology business Green Energy Live acquired Comanche Livestock Exchange in July 2009. The wholly owned subsidiary is a Texas-based provider of live animal auctions with an extensive customer base of livestock producers, ongoing revenue and a 60-year operating history.

About Green Energy Live (OTCBB: GELV)

Green Energy Live Inc. is a fully reporting, publicly listed engineering and technology company headquartered in Wyoming, Michigan. The company is focused on developing and commercializing renewable energy gasification systems that convert biomass wastes, currently being dumped in landfills, into energy and other valuable co-products.

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