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Save The Date! USDA-ARS Seminar on Diversity and the Role of Genebanks

October 30, 2009

USDA-ARS Colorado-Wyoming Seminar Announcement
Monday Nov. 02, 2009
NRRC North/South Room Building D

Diversity and the role of genebanks in the age of genomics.

Chris Richards
Research Geneticist
USDA-ARS National Center for Genetic resources Preservation

The use of genetic resources for crop improvement has undergone a fundamental shift. For the last few decade molecular geneticists have begun to understand the genetic underpinning of complex traits that are critical for agriculture. There has been a universal recognition that continued progress is dependent on making use of the natural variation contained within the world’s genebanks. Modern high-throughput methodologies applied to both genomes and transcriptomes are opening a new era, distinguishing genome-wide from gene-specific patterns and giving us unprecedented insight into the causes of natural variation, adaptation and evolutionary change. In order to deliver on the potential this variation promises, genebanks will need to manage their collections in ways that promote their utilization, that open up access to no only the living materials but to vast amounts of data that describe them. This talk will focus on the potential and limits of core and reference sets in wild germplasm collections and discuss the kinds of analytical approaches and capacities needed to efficiently integrate germplasm curation with efforts to discover and utilize natural variation for crop improvement

North/South Platte Conference room in the Natural Resources Research Center (NRRC), 2150 Centre Avenue, Building D, Fort Collins, CO: the building with many pipes exiting the roof; entrance on south side of building). All seminars will be remotely transmitted to Akron, Cheyenne and Laramie so please plan on attending at appropriate meeting sites per location. For attendance at the North/South Platte room, please plan on arriving early and bring your Federal ID badge or other identification to sign in prior to the seminar starting. For non-Federal employees, you will need to sign in at the desk in the lobby.

Hope to see you there.

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