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Frasier Farms: An award-winning operation

September 29, 2009

[Source: USDA NRCS; Angus Productions; API Creative Media; Colorado Beef Council]

Frasier Farms was the 2003 recipient of the Environmental Stewardship Award from the National Cattleman’s Association in cooperation with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). This award recognizes cattle producers whose stewardship practices are inventive, cost-effective, and contribute to environmental conservation.

Marshal Frasier and his sons Joe, Mark, and Chris form the partnership that makes up this 44,000 acre operation, based in Woodrow, Colorado. The Frasiers use more than 190 paddocks to manage their livestock, which recycle nutrients and organic matter back into the soil. This keeps the soil covered which helps retain moisture and promote plant growth. The ranch also provides habitat for insects and birds. The Frasiers have implemented habitat improvements including planting 4,000 trees. In addition, they have constructed 50 dams and 65 water points, installed 55 miles of water pipeline, and several water diversions which are used to help with erosion control.

Mark Frasier describes their operation as “holistic”. “Holistic management means being flexible, planning a grazing system, monitoring plant growth, and being able to modify your plan when necessary. Management cannot be on a set schedule and have specific objectives–you have to be willing to be flexible,” he explained to a 2004 range tour.

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